Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer on the Prairie

It's the 10th of August, and yesterday we had our first real smoke-filled day. We assume that the smoke is from a fire somewhere in Utah, which yesterday, involved over 44,000 acres. It's been an amazing summer. One, the humidity has stayed around 30 or above, and we've more rainy days than in the last few years. Our yard and the surrounding hills are still green, though the native grasses have matured to a light golden color. Secondly, the temperature has rarely been above 90* F--the highest so far. Most of the summer has been spent with temps ranging in the mid 70's to mid 80's. Nice, but a little hard on the things you try to grow in your garden. And, thirdly, there is still water in the creek. Early summer rains and late spring snows have recharge several of the nearby springs.
We watched a family of robins nest and fledge in a nest built on a buffalo skull, next to our front door. The view from the kitchen window was fantastic. We pray at least on of the 4 chicks made it. All a part of God's amazing design and provision.

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