Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last Thursday, I walked over to a neighbor's house to have her co-sign a check for our QRU. To "protect" ourselves, we have to signatures on each check. We visited for awhile, she had to to return to house cleaning-her mother-in-law was soon to arrive, and I had to eat and get ready for Bible Study. As I walked out of their yard, their old dog, Silver, grabbed and bit my ankle. OWWIIIEEEEE. It did hurt, and I thought it drew a bit of blood, but went to the locked boxes to mail the signed check and invoice--for AED pads. As I walked home, I finally looked down at my ankle, saw blood, but it looked rather dried. "Well, I guess I'll attend to it when I get home." I thought. I could feel it still bleed, and feel the blood soak up in my shoe. "This is not good."
I knew I'd probably going to see the Doc that day. Before I went in house, I shut off the water on the east side of the house. Entered the house, went to the utility sink and took off my shoe. Still bleeding. I hoisted myself to the washing machine and plunged the injured foot in the sink and ran water, hoping to clean the wound out and to see the damage. Quite a large gash. I sat down in the dining area. Collected my thoughts, took a deep breath, thought of a game plan. I called ER. Since it was a dog bite, they recommended: Go to your Doc, go to the walk in clinic, or if all else fails, come to Er, but probably a wise thing to do soon. I called the owner of the dog a, told her I got bit by their dog, and I was going in to get it looked at and stitched. I mostly called because I knew whomever treated the wound would notify the Sheriffs office. The gal came over, somewhat in disbelief, but as a former EMT could at least appreciate the seriousness of it. She offer to drive me to Dillon, and pay for the treatment, though not to willing to pay for an ER visit. Not a real problem , as we have insurance. Got to the walk-in clinic--my doc was too busy to fit me in, had the wounds examine- the dog chipped my calcnus, tore two gashes, one on each side, and a puncture wound. Stapled up the largest gash-to cover the exposed bone to protect it from further contamination, and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, and a bill for about $158.00. The gal graciously paid the bill. The bill, though, stunned me. Last May, I went to ER (Barrett Hospital and Healthcare in Dillon) for a ragged laceration cause by a fall and dragging my hand across and exposed nail. Got seven stitches in the palm of my hand. IN both cases, no extra tests, no x-rays or other imaging, just basic wound care. The ER visit bill became a $1500.00 claim against my (our) insurance. OWWIIEE!!!!
But, I'll can sum this one up quickly, I was "heeled by a heeler, but, now I'm being healed by the Great Healer.

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