Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deerhead Lake Hike

Once again we were foiled by the curse of Boot Lake. We headed to the trail head just as the rains came down. But the Food Pantry Hiking Society was to be undaunted. Since we were all prepared for a day in the woods, we changed our plans and headed to Deerhead Lake. And what an awesome wonder it was. The wind was still, and sky clouded, but bright, and the reflection on the lake miraculous. Thanks, God for that special treat.

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Christina said...

Hello! I *thought* I saw a picture of Deerhead Lake on the InCourage blog link list. The day I was at Deerhead lake was a lot like yours sounds: cloudy but bright and calm.

I also live in Southwestern Montana and am always happy to find other people from my area in the great big bloggy world.