Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Lessons from the Lake

Friday, the Food Pantry Hiking Society finished its last hike for the season. The days are getting shorter, and thus, harder to complete an 8 mile hike and home in the day light. Our latest hike was to Boot Lake. Twice before we were foiled to go the distance. First by high water in the creek, the second rain. But the third time was a charm. Boot Lake is a man-made lake, primarily used for irrigation storage. It's depth is determine by man, and so, the levels are inconsistent. Like so many of our man-made plans-disappointing, inconsistent,empty, destructive in many ways. Unless God builds a house..., I know the plans I have for you....-God's plans. Again, outside of God's plans for us, when we are trying to fill our man-made pursuits, our lives become empty, always poured out, never being filled by God spirit-a dry reservoir. Kinda like Boot Lake

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