Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Joey Polka Dots 2-4-99 to 9-27-11

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Today I lost one of the best pals I ever had. We put my dog Joey down. He was suffering from some type of cancer and was in incredible pain. He remained alert and loving until the end. I've had so many good times with that dog. He was born February 4, 1999. We owned both Mom, Sadie, and Dad, Side Meat. I caressed Joey everyday since his birth. He slept with me each night and faithfully walked everyday with me on my daily "constitutional"-whether it was 2 miles or 6.
The memories which are spinning in my head-From getting shocked and rolling 4 times trying to break him from chasing antelope, to his Aunt Tipper and his escapades, and , the notoriety as the "baby killer". He took on and killed skunks and, badgers and porcupines, but had rare sucess with gophers. He he was gentle with people, protective of me, and cuddled each night on the sofa. He liked to fish. He would watch where I cast my fly, and when he saw a fish swimming towards it, he'd jump into the creek or the lake and catch the fish himself. Soon, he'd stand on the banks, and jump in to any fish he'd see. He loved the water, loved to swim. Loved to hike, to camp, to ride in a vehicle. He sat up straight in the seat. not missing anything that passed by.
12 1/2 years is along time for a friendship, and one grows deep. I love that dog.!

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