Sunday, November 30, 2008

Growing Stronger

Growing Stronger by James Hollihan

When I stop and look around me
and see how far I've come.
The road ahead gets to lookin' long
and I've only just begun.
A voice inside reminds me
I haven't come alone.
You wouldn't bring me this far
Just to leave me on my own.
Through the word I have the Power
to conquer anything.
I can overcome any situation
That tries to hinder me.
Growing Stronger
With every step I take
I'm learning to depend on you
And how to use my faith.
Growing Stronger
With every battle that I win.
It's plain to see
You're teaching me
Everything I need to know
To be strong enough for anything.

When my dreaming turns to wandering
and my feet give in to go.
It doesn't take me long to see
That there are things I still don't know.
In your gentle way
You teach me how to walk with you.
Prepare me for the open door
You want to take me through.
Even Though it seems sometimes
Things aren't working as they should.
I can stand and say
That everything is working to the good.

I first hear this song over 30 years ago and it come back to me every once in awhile when I have trials I don't understand and situations I can't control.

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