Friday, November 14, 2008

Trust and Obey

Yesterday on my "walk"-when I ponder all things great and small-I started to think about the concept of "Trust and Obey." Yup, just like the title of the familiar hymn. I had been reading about training mules, now there is one named "Bud" or Bannack" grazing in our yard. A trainer stated a mule needs to trust you before he will obey you. He needs the confidence that you have a clear vision of what you want him to do, are able to communicate that vision, and have a relationship with him in which, you've only had the best for him in mind. The Trust comes before the Obey. It's not obey the commands we want to obey or think we should obey, then "trust the outcomes", it's "Trust and then obey." Just like the song says, "There's no other way." That's the way it is with our relationship to
God. God has established a relationship with us through His Son, Jesus, communicates His will through His Word, His voice, His Spirit, and has promised all things work for our good!
The mule came to mind, since my first post my husband was using him to pack out the elk. It's Friday afternoon, and the elk is still up in the mountain. His mule didn't understand what Graeme really wanted. So, it's drudge up and down hill tomorrow with the elk strapped on our backs.

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