Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

I was sitting down on the deck for a hot cup of tea, , and-WOW-200 yards from the fence was a herd of antelope. First, I grabbed the binoculars and watched for a few minutes. Then, as I grew more rational-I grabbed the camera to take a few shots. It's nice to live in an area with few neighbors. I wandered into the field in my own kaleidoscope robe-a coat of many colors-my husband's grandma's crazy quilt bath robe. In an adjacent pasture is our horse Libby and two pals. I thought I'd get a few photos of them-I have to work on this lighting thing. I looked at the fence between the two herds, and thought of the fences and barriers I have built in myself, some to keep people out, some to keep myself in--cages, barriers, fences, walls. Some boundaries-fences are necessary, but as a daughter of God, I am calling on Him to teach and help me tear down those barriers that impede me from being who I really am in Christ.

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