Saturday, September 18, 2010

A lesson from a Lake

Today I learn a truth from Ecclesiastes 4. Yesterday I hiked up to Lake Canyon Lake, with the intention to experience God's creation and to, perhaps, do some fishing. I brought my flyrod and my trout net, both beautiful gifts from my husband. The hike was well worth it. Lake Canyon is a narrow canyon about 20 miles from my home. The walls are steep limstone ridges, Fall colors were beginning to appear, but there were still strong hints of this year's wildflowers. I got to the lake, and there was not a breath of wind, so the lake was a beautiful reflective pool. Awesome, God! But, the lake didn't look fishable-that is the bottom was densely moss covered. So, I walked around the lake, took in more of the wonderful sights, and rested by the "babbling" creek. Birds were singing, and there was a peace and calm. The only thing missing was someone to share it with-ah, that part of life is better with two. I stopped by the creek for a cookie and water and realized that my trout net was gone. I backed tracked some, and returned to the outtake of the lake along the trail I took in. No sign of the net. I ate lunch, went up the other side of the lake, took some more pictures, and convinced myself I dropped it along the trail. I headed back to the car, and couldn't see the net anywhere. "It probably is right next to the car"- well, no it wasn't. I was sad, mad, and perplexed. I prayed and pleaded. I went home. I headed back to the same spot today. I wandered around for almost 2 hours, still no net. I realized I lost my net and couldn't find it because no one was watching my back, no one to remember where we went, another mind to think and remember--Another to share and worship God.

It's better to have a partner that go it alone
Share the work, share the wealth
And if one falls down, the other helps
But if there's no one to help-tough!
Two in a bed warm each other
Alone you shiver all night.
By yourself your're unprotected
With a friend you can face the worst

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ComeHaveaPeace said...

Mmmm ... yes, a great illustration. I am so thankful to have my life's partner to share my life with. He adds so much, helps so much, and makes life so much richer. A great reminder to be thankful.

Thanks for linking this to Marriage Mondays this week!

~ Juliee